Decompile, Modify and Compile APK Files with APK Easy Tool

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Decompile, Modify and Compile APK Files with APK Easy Tool/

APK Easy device is an adaptable utility utilizing which you and decompile and adjust APK records as well as order the APKs effectively for Android application alteration and altering purposes.

Android applications are stuffed and dispersed as APK bundles. At the point when you download an application from the Play Store, you’re fundamentally downloading an APK record even though you will not see it in your download organizer. There are huge loads of APK records dispersed everywhere on the web that you can introduce as well, even though you shouldn’t. You may even have run over some modded APK records typically for games. APK records are fundamentally files like ZIP or RAR and can be unloaded likewise. From that point forward, in case you’re adequately learned, you can make changes and alter it, repack it and introduce it or offer it. Today, we’ll perceive how you can decompile and recompile, and alter or change APK documents utilizing APK Easy Tool.

APK Easy Tool is a “lightweight application that empowers you to oversee, sign, gather and decompile APK documents for the applications you are dealing with.” It’s created by evildog1, a similar designer who prior presented to us the order line-based APK Tool. Decompiling and recompiling APK documents are essentially the same thing as unloading and repacking a ZIP record. It shouldn’t need to appear to be an overwhelming assignment with every one of those orders. Just honestly, it’s anything but a troublesome cycle by any means. A few groups aren’t as alright with the order line, be that as it may. Henceforth, the requirement for the GUI-based APK Easy Tool.

Decompiling an APK allows you to see the substance inside and you would then be able to alter different parts of an application or game. For instance, you can change the shade of the Facebook application or empower and handicap highlights. We’ve included numerous YouTube mods which are made comparatively by decompiling the YouTube APK, changing it, and afterward recompiling it. Devs have had the option to empower dim modes, Picture-in-Picture, foundation playback, and a few different highlights just accessible with YouTube Red. APK Easy Tool makes the decompiling and recompiling position a lot simpler than it used to be, the modding part is the place where you can do your wizardry.


With APK Easy Tool, decompiling an APK is just about as straightforward as choosing the APK through the device. It then decompiles the APK into an envelope where you can adjust things. Recompiling it into an APK is additionally just about as simple as clicking a catch. The interface additionally shows data about the APK, for example, bundle name, adaptation, least SDK variant, and rendition code. Here’s a full rundown of highlights presently included with form 1.5 of the apparatus.

  1. 7z Compression-level 0-9
  2. APK data with symbol
  3. Foundation laborers to dispose of slacks
  4. Recall window position (SHIFT + Q to reset window position)
  5. Progressed log watcher, with .txt document choice
  6. Concentrate APK/Zip APK
  7. Switch between apksigner.jar by Google and signapk.jar by bootstrap on the web
  8. Speedy assistance
  9. Full climate way support
  10. Adb measure murder
  11. Apktool.jar adaptation choices
  12. Decompile APK
  13. Adjust AKP records
  14. Arrange APK
  15. Sign APK after arrange
  16. Sign chosen APK (It will clone the chose APK, and sign it), ordered APK (If you neglected to sign your incorporated APK, you can sign it), APK (signapk.jar v1.0)
  17. Recall way when shut (config will reset if EXE document was moved to elsewhere)
  18. Structure installer (utilizes apktool.jar’s orders)
  19. Logs tab
  20. Intuitive document support
  21. Full alternatives of decompiling and gathering
  22. Drop button in the stand by exchange box
  23. Clear logs on exit
  24. Permit way changes in the textbox
  25. Java load choice. Default 512m
  26. zipalign
  27. Alternatives to rename the apk record
  28. Alternatives to choose apk instrument adaptation.
  29. ToolTips
  30. Empower/Disable check for refreshes
  31. Empower/Disable tips and ToolTips
  32. Marking APK with Keystore. Should be empowered in choices.
  33. Recall the secret word of Keystore. Secret word will be AES encoded on exit
  34. Alternative to handicap news and log
  35. Mass marking (intuitive on Sign APK button)


  • Windows 7 or more current (This apparatus won’t work for Windows XP)
  • .NET Framework 4.5 or more current
  • Java SE/JDK. If you don’t have Java introduced, you can just utilize Sign APK, Zipalign, Extract APK, Zip APK, or Install APK. Decompiling and aggregating must be done when you have Java introduced on your PC. You can download and introduce Java SE/JDK from this connection.

The most effective method to Use APK Easy Tool to Modify APK Files

  1. Download either the versatile zip rendition or the arrangement zip form from the download interfaces above. Concentrate the compress record and run the MSI arrangement document if you downloaded the arrangement variant. You’ll have to introduce it. The compact form needs no establishment, all you need is to separate it.
  2. Dispatch APK Easy Tool from the separated envelope or the alternate routes made after establishment. Dispatching makes an APK Easy Tool envelope in your Documents organizer which is the place where your decompiled APK will be put away.
  3. Snap-on Select APK and afterward explore your way to the APK you need to decompile and choose it. You can likewise essentially relocate the APK onto the device.
  4. Whenever you’ve chosen the APK, select Decompile from the accessible activities. Once decompiled, you’ll discover the substance of the APK record in APK Easy Tool\1-Decompiled APKs inside the Documents organizer. You would now be able to alter the APK document.
  5. At the point when you’re finished modding, recompile APK by tapping on the Compile button.
  6. You can comparatively Sign an APK, or play out any of the different activities with a straightforward snap of the catch.

You can likewise introduce the APK straightforwardly to your gadget by tapping on the Install APK button as long as you have USB investigating and Unknown sources empowered. You’ll likewise have to interface your gadget to the PC with a USB link.

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