NT TV APK Download (Latest Version) v2.1 for Android 2022

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Introduction of  NT TV APK:

Do you like watching live cricket, dramas, movies, and TV shows? We can suggest a free source if that is the case. If you install the NT TV app on your phone, you will be able to watch all the television channels for free.

New and old movies, Turkish and Korean dramas, films from Hollywood and Bollywood, and live sports are enjoyable. You don’t have to suffer from the registration and subscription processes.

An active internet connection is important since the base of these online apps is IPTV technology. Do you want to experience its free services right now? Don’t wait, and tap the link on the page.

The original & functional APK file will be granted by it. You can also secure Stream India as an alternative. Live T20 World Cup in a better video quality without buffering is one of the functions of these apps.

Billions of cricket fans watch exciting cricket matches. They don’t have to stick to one place for enjoying sports events. Free streaming apps, like NT TV, are the best source of basic entertainment.

It is possible to have unlimited fun without spending any money. NT TV says that all of the streaming links come from third-party sources. The server does not have any of the content on it.

In simple words, you are using an unofficial platform but with full security. It searches for unofficial links and gives them to the users. They make money by running advertisements in the app. If you are trying to avoid a premium app, it can be an easy choice.

NT TV gives you the ability to enjoy all types of entertainment on a single app. Tv shows, live cricket matches, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, and more are available to watch.

Any time you want, you can watch any of your favourite shows on the go. Cricket is on Sports channels, and you can watch it on Live TV, Drama, and Comedy channels.

If you like to watch a lot of movies, Pikashow is the only app that you need. You will be able to watch and download all of the latest Bollywood, and Hollywood Movies and Web Series here.

A lot of people prefer to watch live TV on their phones or tablets because they can stay in touch with their favourite programs even when they are not at home.

For people who love international TV shows and have to stay updated with the latest news, sports events, and a variety of entertainment options, this is especially true.

As an example, people prefer to use their free time online applications like the NT TV APK to get access to popular shows, matches, and movie trailers, which can be very beneficial during their free time.





 The NT TV APK is available for Android devices and is compatible with many Smart TVs. It also supports live sports and keeps the picture quality in good condition.

The NTTV app is updated regularly with the latest movies in Hindi, English, and South Indian languages. You can also watch subtitled movies and find suitable shows for kids.

You can also stream music with NTTV without needing a subscription. Hindi

1. Padmaavat (2018)

2. Thugs of Hindostan (2017)

3. Dangal (2017)

4. Baahubali 2:

5. The Conclusion (2017)


Main Features of the NT TV:

First of all, download the app from this page. Install it now, and then open it after enabling the data connection. Since it is not an official platform, you have to permit a few basic requirements. Finally, you will access the following comforts.

  1. Cricket & other sports are watchable in multiple languages.
  2. Also, enjoy the ICC T20 World Cup on your favourite TV channel.
  3. Live television channels from India, Pakistan, and other countries.
  4. Local & international news channels.
  5. Several cartoon channels for kids.
  6. Zee, Sony, PTV Home, and PTV Sports are examples of this category.
  7. Watch all the famous Hindi TV shows.
  8. Similarly, Hindi-dubbed Turkish & Korean dramas are also enjoyable.
  9. Money Heist, The Family Man, Lupin, Loki, and many other web series.
  10. More than one streaming links are present for a smooth experience.
  11. SD, HD, HD+, and a few other video qualities will work.
  12. Even you can download videos to watch them later.
  13. Cricket & other sports are watchable in multiple languages.
  14. Also, enjoy the ICC T20 World Cup on your favourite TV channel.
  15. Live television channels from India, Pakistan, and other countries.
  16. Local & international news channels.
  17. Several cartoon channels for kids.
  18. Zee, Sony, PTV Home, and PTV Sports are examples of this category.
  19. Watch all the famous Hindi TV shows.
  20. Similarly, Hindi-dubbed Turkish & Korean dramas are also enjoyable.
  21. Money Heist, The Family Man, Lupin, Loki, and many other web series.
  22. More than one streaming links are present for a smooth experience.
  23. SD, HD, HD+, and a few other video qualities will work.
  24. Even you can download videos to watch them later.

 The NT TV app is a free application that allows you to watch TV shows, movies, and other content on your Android phone. The app has a variety of categories, allowing you to search and filter your favourite channels. This application has many features that will make it the perfect entertainment tool for your Android. You can stream live TV or watch your favourite channels without ads. There are many variations of the NTTV app, enabling you to watch as many IPTV channels as you want.

 Great content for sports enthusiasts

The NTTV app is very easy to use and offers frequent updates.

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It is completely cross-browser compatible so that it can be used on any device or browser, including mobile devices and desktop computers.

Users can adjust the settings to customize their own experience.

For example, the user can choose the picture quality, audio, and video settings and adjust the volume.


 Watch subtitled or dubbed movies

The NT TV app can be downloaded from a third-party website so you don’t have to worry about Google’s review.

It is completely free and will work well on your Android device. The app also doesn’t require installation.

If you’re interested in watching movies on TV, then you should check out this app on your iPhone or iPad. It has more than 600 movies and series available to you, and it can be accessed from mobile devices or desktop computers.

You will find it extremely easy to download and use the app, and there’s no need to pay for it.

You can access the NTTV website from any web browser, and you can watch NTTV videos anytime and anywhere.


 Features several web series

This app offers a variety of services for users and features several web series, including “The X Files.” If you are a sports fan, this is the app to have. Q:

I love this app because it has a lot to offer and won’t take up too much room on your device.

This magazine is the best entertainment and information source for sports fans.

How can that be? It’s free! You can get the whole series of ebooks right away, or read it all over time.


 Offers thousands of movies

NT TV offers thousands of movies, including dubbed and subtitled versions.

It has a large variety of content and does not require any permission.

The app can be used on any Android device with a high-speed internet connection.

Windows 8’s interface is easy to use and can be installed on multiple devices.

It’s available in different languages, and you can update it as needed.


 Supports all major channels

NT TV is the best streaming application for Android users. It provides thousands of HD movies and shows from all over the world.

Netflix is a must-have on any Amazon Fire TV. It’s free and works perfectly on every device that runs the Fire OS.

With over 100 live and on-demand channels, NTTV is the best option for streaming movies, music, and more. If you love sports, NTTV is the best option.

The app is available in many languages to watch various matches from anywhere.

There are no disadvantages to using this app.

  1. Some people don’t know what are the features of NT TV APK, and this is why they don’t use NT TV APK properly.
  2. For this issue, today we will discuss all the features of NT TV APK and how to use them properly. After that, you can use this app in the right manner.
  3. No TV APK can watch tv for absolutely free. In the No TV APK, we can view over 100+ live tv channels.
  4. Watch free cricket matches, no matter whether you’re at home or away, using NT TV.
  5. Nt TV app is the best choice for people watching live TV series.
  6. This app can stream almost any content in 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p and even in full HD.

In addition to these services, NT TV works online.

All users of this app can install it without the need for permission.

There are thousands of service providers available.

Hence, add it to your favourite online video platform.

You’ll never find another business or e-commerce service with more powerful features than Amazon.


 What is NT TV APK

 NT TV APK is a type of mobile TV APK in which we can watch our favourite TV show for absolutely free, not only that, we can watch any type of TV channel on our mobile through NT TV APK.

 One of the most used apps in India to watch Live TV is NT TV APK and NT TV APK is also very easy to use, which is why people try to download NT TV APK. NT TV APK is a TV channel app that lets you watch live TV on your phone. You can watch all the channels that are available in India through NT TV APK. You can also watch the live TV channels through NT TV APK without any internet connection.

 NT TV APK Download

 You will know that we cannot use the play store to download NT TV APK because NT TV APK is not available on the Play Store due to which we cannot download NT TV APK from Play Store.

 But if you want to download NT TV APK then you can use this website of ours through which you can easily download the NT TV App on your mobile.

 To Download NT TV APK, we have explained the whole process on this website and also shown you by downloading NT TV APK. If you also have to get this information, then you can read the whole process below. NT TV APK is the app that enables you to watch live and recorded TV shows and movies on your Android device. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store, and it works on devices that have Android 4.0 or later installed.

 How to Download NT TV APK

 Today’s most important question is how to download NT TV APK we have come to know that you are still staying on this website to get the answer to this question, so let us see how to download NT TV App.

  • Go to Google to download the NT TV App, then search by writing NT TV APK Download.
  • After that, you have to click on any of the websites that will come in front of you.
  • Now you have reached the website downloading NT TV APK.
  • Now you will see the download NT TV APK button on that website which you have to click once.
  • After which the NT TV app will start to be downloaded on your mobile. If you have any questions or problems related to the NT TV app download, please feel free to comment below or contact us using the contact form on our website. We will be more than happy to help you out!
  •  How to Install NT TV APK

  •  If you have downloaded the NT TV APK on your mobile and now you want to know how to install the NT TV APK on your Android mobile, then definitely follow the steps given below in which we have told you the process of installing the NT TV APK.
  • You have to go to your download folder first.
  • Now click once on whichever NT TV APK file you have downloaded.
  • After that, you will have the Install button in front of you which you have to click on.
  • Now you will move to the mobile setting in which you have to allow permission to install unknown apps.
  • After which you have to click on the Back Press button once and then you have to click on the Install button.
  • Now the NT TV APK will start installing on your mobile If you have any issues while installing the NT TV APK, then you can also refer to the following guide: 
  •  Is Safe to use?

  •  Yes, It is Safe, Just Download it from the given link. And Visit here anytime to get New updates including all new latest versions.
  • NT TV APK Alternative

  • We’re here for you if you need some more information about NT TV Alternative. You can learn everything you need to know about the site below.
  • You can use any of the NT TV apps like NT TV or Watch NT TV, as long as your Android smartphone supports an app called NDK.
  •  FAQ NT TV

  • To use the NT TV app, first of all, you need to download your phone’s NT TV app, and then you need to install it. Then you can use the NT TV app.
  • You can update the NT TV app by visiting the NT TV Official website after which you can update the app from there.
  • In this post, we have given you all the information you need on how to download the NT TV App. If you follow it you will be able to download the app.
  • If you’ve used an older version of NT TV then the new version might not work for you. You can download the latest version of the NT TV App to solve this issue.
  • Yes, it’s safe to use an online streaming video service like NT TV.


Disclaimer Note:

  1. The Owner/developer of the NT TV application has no responsibility and liability for any damage caused by downloading the app.
  2. You must have read our article completely. You must have learned how to download the NT TV app for your device.


  1. The NT TV app provides free access to premium videos, movies, and web series.
  2. And it lets you download them directly to your phone, where they can be synced and easily shared with your friends.
  3. With my first movies & sports app, I can watch anything from anywhere, anytime. 
















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