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Nekki - Action and Fighting Games
19 August 2020
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Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Nikki’s SHADOW FIGHT is one of the most loved fighting games for mobile phones. It was released for the first time in 2014. After seven years, more than 200,000,000 people have downloaded it. The game is free, but it has monetization models that players find irritating. Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition was created by the developer to address this issue. Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition has been made available to all players at any time. You will not see any ads during the game.

App Name Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition
Publisher Nekki – Action and Fighting Games
Gener Action
Size 110M
Version 1.0.10
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated On 19 August 2020
Price FREE $4.99

The plot

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition features the same storyline as Shadow Fight 2 with Old Wounds. It features a young Sensei as the main character.


One day, Sensei was accidentally confronted by the Shogun soldiers trying to kidnap Prince. He fought alongside them and won. The Shogun was furious. He immediately recruited a ninja to help him create an overthrow.

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You will be playing the role of a young Sensei when you participate in the game. Your mission is to defeat the Shogun’s evil plot and fight the soldiers.

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Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition has content and gameplay that is similar to its predecessor. The basic weapon system is included for the character. Each chapter will have a series of stages, where you must defeat the enemy to advance to the next step.
Gradually, the difficulty will increase. They are more dangerous, more agile, and more powerful than ever before. Sensei has a secret weapon that can be used to launch attacks from afar. A special skill that he has extremely high damage power also makes him Sensei.

Weapons and items

You will need to equip your character using the best weapons or armour during the game.

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There are many options for the weapon system. The Kanata sword can be replaced with Kusarigama, Shuriken, or Kunai. Each type has its advantage in battle. If you want to defeat your enemy, learn the pros and cons of each weapon. You can also upgrade your equipment in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition. This takes a lot of diamonds and coins. They will, however, give the character greater defence, health, or power attributes.

Combat skills

Fighting skills are just as important as the equipment. As Sensei levels up, he will acquire new skills.
Ky nang cung co the duoc nang cap de tao ra nhung don tan cong manh me hon, khien doi thu choang vang va tham chi la khong the ne tranh. Ban nen chu trong vao khia canh nang cap nhieu hon. Boi khi cac noi dung mo khoa, nhung boss trum nhu Shogun, Wasp va Lynx se xuat hien de ngan can ban.

What’s new with the special edition?

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition has new features and removed ads.
The equipment is also cheaper. You can also get coins and diamonds for completing missions or special stages in the game. The equipment inventory has been updated to include a variety of better models, such as armour and weapons. These models are not included in the free version. These can be used to make the character stronger and more capable of completing difficult missions.
Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition has also been updated with new maps and improved graphics quality. Playing will make you feel clearer.
MOD APK version Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: You can have unlimited money and gems.

You will need to disconnect from the Internet before you can open the game.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APP for Android

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition offers players a better experience than the free version. The game’s content has been enhanced to include more than 10 hours of gameplay. The reward system has also been improved.
Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is a great game, and I believe it deserves to be a reason for Shadow Fight 2 to return. It is free to download.





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