The most effective method to mod APKs and Create your own Modded APK Hacks for Games and other Apps

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Okay. Because of my famous interest, there is my instructional exercise on the best way to make your own modded APKs, game mods, and game hacks utilizing APK decompiling, altering/adjusting, and recompilation. – Be cautioned, on the off chance that you need to make mods that are something beyond visual, you should have engineer-level information on java and in a perfect world other programming dialects.



  • Any old APK Decompile/Compile
  • Tool Windows PC/Mac
  • In a perfect world, you know Java on an Engineer level

What you will need to do is to get the APK of the game or application you need to mod, decompile it (unload it into every one of them contained assets and contents), at that point alter the contents and assets and recompile the application. After that, you go to testing and utilizing the hacked application.

1.Get the APK you need to mod

Getting the APK document should be possible by essentially downloading it off the web or utilizing a record administrator to duplicate it from your applications catalog on your Android gadget and putting it on the SD card to extricate it. Ought not to be any sort of issue whatsoever.

apk-modding-tutorial (1)

2.Decompile the APK

Decompiling and removing of the java gathered contents should be possible utilizing various devices and the ideal method of doing it changes at regular intervals, yet here is an inside and out manage on the best way to do it that I found of Stackoerverlfow and truly, I was unable to place it into better words myself.

Stage 1:

  1. Make another organizer and duplicate the .apk document that you need to translate.
  2. Presently rename the expansion of this .apk record to .zip (for example rename from filename.apk to and save it. Presently you can get to the classes.dex records, and so on At this stage, you can see drawable however not XML and java documents, so proceed.

Stage 2:

  1. Presently separate this .compress record in a similar envelope (or NEW FOLDER).
  2. Download dex2jarand extricate it to a similar envelope (or NEW FOLDER).
  3. Move the classes.dex record into the dex2jar organizer.
  4. Presently open order brief and change registry to that envelope (or NEW FOLDER). At that point compose d2j-dex2jar classes.dex(for macintosh terminal or ubuntu compose ./ classes.dex) and press enter. You currently have the classes. dex.dex2jar document in a similar envelope.
  5. Download java decompiler, double-tap on jd-gui, click on an open document and open classes. dex.dex2jar record from that envelope: presently you get class documents.
  6. Save these class documents (In jd-gui, click File – > Save All Sources) by src name. At this stage you get the java source however the .xml documents are as yet garbled, so proceed.

Stage 3:

Presently open another new organizer

  1. Put in the .apk document which you need to decipher
  2. Download the most recent rendition of apktool ANDapktool introduce window (both can be downloaded from a similar connection) and spot them in a similar organizer
  3. Open an order window
  4. Presently run order like apktool if system res.apkand next
  5. apktool d myApp.apk(where myApp.apk means the filename that you need to translate)

presently you get a record organizer around there and can undoubtedly peruse the apk’s XML documents.

Stage 4:

It’s no progression simply duplicate the substance of both folder(in this case both new folder)to the single one

If you are hoping to change fundamental assets, formats, names ect, at that point you won’t need to do any more than essentially decompiling the APK record utilizing any decompiler or .zip unloading instrument accessible on the web.


3.decompiled apk Alter the Resources (Visual Hacks/Mods)

This is the thing that a large portion of individuals perusing this will want to do and it involves exploring in your decompiled APK envelope and altering some straightforward picture and XML records:

For one thing, in the root organizer of your decompiled application, you can track down the ‘show’ fie that characterizes the application name, consents mentioned, and other essential definitions.

The ‘res’ or ‘assets’ organizer, where you will track down the exceptionally essential visual structure impedes that the game/application is made of. The ‘minimap’ organizers are the place where you can change the start symbols of the application, the drawable envelope will incorporate backgrounds, you may likewise discover different pictures, like sprites, stacking screens, game characters ect here on account of games.


Pictures can be modded by essentially opening them in any picture proofreader or photoshop to alter them.

XML records are layouts that design screens, menus, that incorporate arranging, and in some cases text that can be modded too.

4.Adjust the Java Code

So far in 2018, it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to get the specific source code out of an APK to the extent I am mindful. You will consistently get an inlined, assembled rendition that is not quite the same as the first source code regardless of what devices you use.

While you should have the option to alter contents on the off chance that you need to make game hacks or game mods that accomplish something, you should, at any rate, know Java to have any shot at the achievement of carrying out cheats into an Android Game APK.

For the majority of us, this is the place where the APK Modding venture closes. Java is incredibly unpredictable and figuring out and reassembling Java code from a decompiled APK is past what 99% of individuals that can peruse this article will at any point do. If you are one of only a handful, not many that has sufficient experience and knows Java all around ok and have the opportunity and energy to do it, at that point go crazy.


java apk Contingent upon the game/application, adjusting the Java code can give you anything from limitless prospects, as far as games we are talking god modes, limitless jewels, limitless cash ect. Is the application/game online based nonetheless, in any event, adjusting the code won’t give you too incredible cheats. Nonetheless, we are as yet expecting the rise of Aimbots and Wallhacks on Android, which is absolutely a chance.

5.Recompile, Test, and Enjoy

Great, you just changed your APK. It is presently an ideal opportunity to utilize your #1 APK decompiler/decompiler instrument to recompile the APK, fire up an emulator, and test the thing to check whether the changes you made stuck or on the off chance that you need to return in and work some more.


Tips for Beginners hoping to make Modded APKs for Android Games

How might you adjust something that you have never assembled? That is truly what you need to inquire as to whether you are hoping to learn APK modding. – The most ideal approach to begin modding Android games is to make Android games.

You will learn Java, how to make Games in Android Studio, and utilizing different apparatuses to make game assets and make them cooperate. Furthermore, to be honest, on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea of how a game functions, you won’t ever have the option to mod it effectively.

Additionally, figure out how to reassemble source code from APKs. Profess to lose your source and afterward attempt to reassemble it, that will instruct you a great deal about figuring out gathered Java and you have modified the code will make it simpler for you to reassemble it since you see every one of the capacities and code included.

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