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InstantBits Inc
3 November 2021
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Your device can stream video to a large screen when you use Web Video Cast. Furthermore, it supports a variety of TV genres, and users can view videos and files quickly when their devices are connected to their TVs simultaneously; some Premium features are also available!

APP Info

App Name Web Video Cast
Gener Video Players & Editors
Publisher InstantBits Inc
Size 21 MB
Required Various With Device
Updated on 3 November 2021

How do I use it to cast videos from my phone or tablet to a TV set wirelessly, without cables, and the need for an internet connection on the TV side of things?

1. It only requires the Web Video Cast server process to be enabled on your Android device, which comes with an app inside;
2. Use your TV remote control and go to the ‘input’ source menu where you have connected your smartphone via WIFI / Bluetooth / Miracast, enter this PIN: 0000 (without quotation marks);
3. Connecting is done! Now you can enjoy streaming files or playing mobile games using a TV screen as if it were a big display – just like that!

What are the benefits of the PRO version?

– Audio signal adjustment sliders for more custom sound quality;
– The option to cast full screen instead of just mirroring your mobile display;
– Progressive mode
The benefits of using Web Video Cast v5.4.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)
If you are bored with your TV, perhaps it is time to do some shopping. Want to buy a new one? Maybe this application will help you! Web Video Cast gives you the chance to watch videos on big screens that are better for viewing. You can share files easily among all devices, which is helpful if you have many family members. Once you have established connectivity between your phone and TV under the same network, WIFI, or Bluetooth connection, it will be easy for everyone else to watch their favorite shows on big screens. It cannot have anything to do with the internet connection on the other end, as I sometimes use it without even having a Wi-Fi network at home. The resolution looks great too.

Who should download this app & why?

The app is perfect for any TV lover out there;
– Now is that time to bring your TV with you when traveling or commuting abroad while sitting in the park. – You can stream videos easily using this app, even when you are in an area without an internet connection.
– If you are bored with existing streaming apps on Google Play, try this one out!
I no longer have to watch TV shows and movies on my tablet anymore because I use Web Video Cast to cast them through Chromecast onto a bigger screen instead. Watching videos looks great, and it has many features too that make every user fall in love with it at first sight. What impresses me most about Web Video Cast v5.4.0 APP

Any drawbacks or issues that may arise when using this app for video casting?

– The paid version of the app is a bit expensive but well worth it;
– The ads are too intrusive. They cover up part of the screen. I hope to see them disappear as soon as possible because they nevermore make for a pleasant experience at all. – When you start streaming videos using Web Video Cast, be sure that your Wi-Fi connection has enough speed because streaming HD content will require a lot of data transfer. Without a high-speed internet provider that can support such needs, streaming might just fail, or worse: buffering times will take forever!
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It may turn off some people, but Web Video Cast offers several great benefits. For those who want to use it without ads and have an uninterrupted experience for their favorite movies or other file types: Premium does help!

You will be able to view your viewing history if you watch a lot of content repeatedly. Sometimes it’s helpful to watch reruns for some essentials already presented in one video but weren’t relevant right away, or maybe there was something specific going on with a particular person that makes reviewing all the repetitions a worthwhile effort. Don’t forget to bookmark related things and the most viewed objects when using this application.

Download the link to get your copy of Web Video Cast v5.4.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) today!

Watch your videos from home, from another public network, or a hotel with this app. Web Video Cast v5.4.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) is a high-end video streaming app that allows you to watch movies and TV shows on big screens instead of just watching them on a small screen which is quite dull and all! Chromecast devices enable you to cast files, but you don’t have to because the servers can stream online content directly without a problem. I recommend using this app if you want to enjoy entertainment more on your mobile device but realize that doing so will require an active Wi-Fi connection or some reliable internet on it.





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