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Maxim Karpenko
29 July 2021
5.0 and up
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Name WorldBox
Gener Simulation
Publisher Maxim Karpenko
Size 83M
Version 0.9.7
Requires 5.0+
MOD Features NO
Updated On 29 July 2021
Installs 10,000,000+

Introduce about WorldBox

Sandbox games are long-time favorites for gamers of all ages. TerraGenesis, an Android game by Tilting Point Inc., is a great example you may want to try out on your phone or tablet. WorldBox, which was created by Maxim Karpenko and released this year (2016), has many creative features like the ability to fly over terrain that fascinates players around the world with its uniqueness. To get it online just head over here!

Build your world

Have you ever wanted to be able to take control of your world and make the changes that suit your needs? Now you can do it with WorldBox. You’ll have absolute power over everything in this game, from building new structures or making them disappear entirely! Want some fun? Try dropping different races into each other’s areas (such as elves next to orcs) and see what happens when they come together.

The power is listed at the bottom of this screen. You need to pay attention to some things, including saving and loading an existing world, creating a new one, setting up rules for it; once you know these basics then start the game without any tutorials from the system.

With one tiny piece of land available, you begin to develop the life of creatures. This is done by capabilities in Civilization. The game starts out easy and quick with just a single click but doesn’t stay that way for long; before too long your people will be faced with dragons, monsters, or natural disasters from nature–all testing their survival skills! If they can overcome these dangers then there’s still more awaiting them: if not now, soon it’ll get tougher than ever as time goes on (and things like disease come into play).

WorldBox is a fun and easy way to explore maps. For example, if you want humans just select them from the Species list in the top left corner of your screen then touch any location on the map with two fingers- they will be dropped into that new area! You can also zoom in/out or move around by using two-finger gestures as well.

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Let’s destroy something

As a God, you not only have the ability to create life but also have many ways with which to destroy things. For example, TNT is powerfully explosive when it comes in contact with the ground – and mines can be used too! You could use an atomic bomb or infinity coins like Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War

As if the Earth does not have enough to worry about with volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. The human race has monsters of their own making: dragons that breathe fire; tornadoes that can tear down homes like a twister in Kansas; lightning strikes that turn buildings into rubble before they are hit by rain or hailstones as big as golf balls. Add an earthquake powerful enough to shake things up underneath our feet but never touch us on ground level–then add wildfires from all corners setting everything ablaze until nothing left is standing except for smokestacks billowing out dark clouds day after day – these disasters show just how difficult it would be for humans without special powers withstand natural forces beyond any man-made disaster imaginable!


WorldBox is a game that takes an old-school approach to a 2D graphics platform. You can see in the 10 million downloads it has acquired, many people are interested and find its style appealing!

The fires of WorldBox are something to be seen and heard. The sounds, recorded from the actual environment, make it feel like you’re there with them at that moment. You can hear the life as if you were standing next to those sheep when they were created or a bird singing its song for all ears who will listen – which is awesome!

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