AccuBattery MOD APK

AccuBattery MOD APK

Since the invention of smartphones, we have become used to always having our chargers and power banks to keep our gadgets powered up when the battery is low. However, using a battery management app th

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Update March 13, 2024
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Whats New

Since the invention of smartphones, we have become used to always having our chargers and power banks to keep our gadgets powered up when the battery is low. However, using a battery management app that can extend your screen time rather than continuously charging your devices is more advantageous. Additionally, repeated charging can dramatically reduce the battery’s overall capacity, shortening the life of your device.

In light of this, Android users now have the chance to try out the intriguing mobile app known as AccuBattery. The app not only enables you to keep tabs on the health of your battery, but it also offers several practical settings for efficiently controlling how your smartphone is used.The original AccuBattery app, accessible in the app store, is a reliable and feature-rich battery management application. It provides useful information about your device’s battery condition, charging habits, and power usage.

AccuBattery MOD APK

The user experience may be affected by the app’s restrictions, which could include adverts and limited access to some advanced functions. On the other hand, the MOD APK, a modified version of AccuBattery, offers more advantages. The MOD APK removes distractions and provides a seamless battery monitoring experience by offering intriguing theme settings and an ad-free environment.

Features of AccuBattery MOD APK

Ad-Free Experience

Say goodbye to intrusive ads that would break up your battery monitoring sessions. You may have an ad-free experience with the modified AccuBattery APK, allowing you to concentrate entirely on improving your device’s battery life without any interruptions. You won’t be subjected to as much bothersome advertising, providing a smooth and uninterrupted app use. This improves your overall user experience by fully immersing yourself in AccuBattery’s features and insights.

Access to Pro Features

Utilize AccuBattery MOD APK to its fullest capacity, which gives you unrestricted access to all the premium pro features. Take advantage of cutting-edge features, including better charging optimization, extended battery health monitoring, and comprehensive battery statistics. Without the restrictions frequently associated with the free version of the application, the Pro edition enables you to fully control your device’s energy management, make informed decisions, and improve the performance and lifespan of your Android device’s battery.

Persistent Background Functionality

The unique benefit of the modified AccuBattery APK is that it continues to function even while your device is off. To guarantee effective power management, the app will continue to monitor and optimize your battery usage in the background. You can rely on AccuBattery to rigorously maintain your battery life and offer accurate insights when you turn on your smartphone, whether charging it overnight or just leaving it off.

Engaging Theme Settings 

The intriguing theme settings included in our AccuBattery MOD APK will enhance your battery monitoring experience. Choose from many eye-catching themes to personalize the app’s design to suit your tastes. These theme options let you customize your battery monitoring experience, making it aesthetically pleasant and entertaining every time you open AccuBattery on your Android device, whether you like a clean dark mode or a lively, colorful interface.

Real-Time Charging Speed Display

The AccuBattery MOD APK’s real-time charging speed display feature lets you track how quickly your device is charged. The app displays the current charging speed when your device is plugged in, enabling you to compare the efficiency of various connections and chargers. This knowledge allows you to select the fastest charging choices and avoid the more time-consuming ones, thus saving you time and guaranteeing that your device will be ready when needed.

Extended Battery Life

You can substantially increase the battery life of your Android device using the modified version of the AccuBattery app. By reducing needless power use, this improved version improves battery utilization. It enables you to use your smartphone for extended periods without worrying about running out of charge. It uses clever algorithms to improve performance, ensuring that your battery lasts the entire day even when you use it a lot.

Advanced Battery Monitoring

Various sophisticated battery monitoring functions are available with this modded version of AccuBattery. It offers in-depth details regarding the condition of your battery, the rate at which it charges, and your usage habits. You can easily determine which apps or processes use the most battery life, allowing you to pinpoint the power-guzzling offenders and take the required steps to improve your device’s performance and extend battery life.


AccuBattery MOD APK

Customized Charging Profiles

You get access to highly customized charging profiles created especially for your device and usage habits when you use our AccuBattery MOD APK. This clever feature makes sure that your device is charged effectively, preventing overcharging and extending the overall life of your battery. You can now use improved charging encounters tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

Battery Calibration

The battery calibration feature of AccuBattery MOD APK enables you to recalibrate your device’s battery for accurate and exact battery level readings. This useful feature ensures that your battery percentage reflects its actual capacity, allowing you to plan how to use your device more efficiently. By calibrating your battery, you can rely on precise data and make wise judgments about power management and charging practices.

Dark Mode

Embrace the AccuBattery MOD APK’s beautiful and slick Dark Mode. In addition to improving the app’s appearance, this eye-catching feature also helps conserve battery life, especially on gadgets with OLED screens. Dark Mode greatly lowers power usage by using dark backgrounds and fewer white pixels, allowing you to stylishly check the condition of your battery while minimizing energy use and extending battery life.

Intelligent Battery Alarms

You may program intelligent battery alerts to keep you updated on your device’s battery state with the AccuBattery MOD APK. Customize alarms based on battery level or charging/discharging rate to ensure you never get caught off guard. These intelligent alarms offer convenience and assist you in keeping track of the performance of your battery, whether you want to be informed when it reaches a specific level or is fully charged.

Power Usage Analysis for Apps

Utilize the AccuBattery MOD APK to learn more about how much power each app consumes. This tool thoroughly analyses each app’s energy use, enabling you to spot power-hungry apps that unnecessarily deplete your battery. With this knowledge, you can decide intelligently which apps to enhance, limit, or even remove, maximizing battery life and ensuring effective use of your device’s resources.

Charging History and Statistics

Our AccuBattery MOD APK gives analytical information and maintains a thorough record of your device’s charging history. To see how your battery performs over time, keep an eye on the number of charging cycles, the average charging speed, and other pertinent information. To maximize battery lifespan and overall performance, you may make educated decisions about charging practices and device usage patterns using this function, enabling you to monitor your battery’s health and longevity.

AccuBattery MOD APK for iOS

Do you want a better battery management experience on iOS or Mac? We have some exciting news for you, though! Introducing the AccuBattery MOD APK for iOS, built to elevate your battery monitoring. It is compatible with iOS and Mac devices. With our mod, you may gain access to several wonderful features that can enhance your device’s battery life and offer priceless information about its condition and functionality.

You can access a variety of sophisticated features that go beyond the restrictions of the original application by installing our AccuBattery MOD APK. Enjoy the app’s ability to optimize battery usage with persistent background functionality even while your device is off. Create a battery monitoring experience that is unique to you by choosing an appealing theme that matches your preferences and style. In addition, you can use the app without interruption or intrusive adverts with our ad-free experience.

Therefore, download our AccuBattery MOD APK for iOS right away if you’re ready to take charge of the battery life on your iOS or Mac device and experience the power of enhanced battery management firsthand. You’ll never have to worry about your device’s battery dying at the most inconvenient moments, and it will appreciate you for it.

How to Download/Install 

Follow the below-listed steps to download and install AccuBattery MOD APK.

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources” option on your device.
  2. After that, click Download button to download AccuBattery MOD APK.
  3. Now save the apk file in the download folder of your device.
  4. Find the downloaded APK file and tap on it.
  5. The installation process will start straight away.
  6. Once the installation process is complete, open AccuBattery App and enjoy the amazing features offered by our MOD version of AccuBattery APK.

However, if you want to use AccuBattery MOD APK on your laptop or PC, install an emulator, such as Bluestack and then install the app. 


A battery management app for Android known as AccuBattery MOD APK has a lot of advantages that help users increase the battery life of their devices. While frequently charging devices can reduce the battery’s capacity, AccuBattery offers a better alternative. Although the original app provides insightful battery data, the MOD APK version improves the user interface. It offers ad-free browsing, access to pro features, persistent background functionality, interesting theme options, real-time charging speed display, longer battery life, advanced battery monitoring, and much more. Additionally, iOS and Mac users can get the AccuBattery MOD APK version. Users can optimize their battery usage, increase battery life, and prevent uncomfortable power outages on their smartphones by downloading and installing AccuBattery MOD APK.


Is AccuBattery MOD APK safe to use on my device?

Yes. The security and safety of our users are our top priorities. Our AccuBattery MOD APK has undergone extensive testing and verification to guarantee that no dangerous components are present. 

Can I install AccuBattery MOD APK on iOS devices?

Yes. Because our AccuBattery MOD APK works with iOS devices, iOS users can use the improved battery management capabilities. You can download and install the modded version of AccuBattery on your iOS device, whether you’re using an iPhone or an iPad, to improve battery life.

Does AccuBattery MOD APK provide all of the Pro features without cost?

Yes, AccuBattery MOD APK enables all of the Pro version’s capabilities without limitations. You can use cutting-edge features for nothing, like comprehensive battery data, extended battery health monitoring, personalized charging profiles, and more.

Will AccuBattery MOD APK have an impact on my device’s performance?

No. AccuBattery MOD APK has been streamlined and lightweight to ensure it won’t slow down your smartphone. It operates without a hitch in the background and offers helpful battery information without making your device less responsive.

Can AccuBattery MOD APK be updated to newer versions?

Yes. The AccuBattery MOD APK can be updated like any other app, making the process quick and easy. We occasionally update the app with new functionality and bug fixes. Keep visiting the website, then.

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You are now ready to download AccuBattery MOD APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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