Firefox MOD APK

Firefox MOD APK

For Android users, Firefox is the most powerful web browser accessible. You can save all of your favorite applications and websites in one location with the help of this browser's Personalized Home Sc

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Name Firefox MOD APK
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Version v120.3
Update Oct 20, 2023
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Firefox MOD APK is the most famous version in the Firefox MOD APK series of publisher Mozilla
Mod Version v120.3
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Whats New

For Android users, Firefox is the most powerful web browser accessible. You can save all of your favorite applications and websites in one location with the help of this browser’s Personalized Home Screen feature, making it simple to use them from anywhere.

Firefox Mod Apk

You can build custom panels with only the content you want and add apps and websites to serve as bookmarks, shortcuts, or both.

The primary distinction between the original Firefox and the Firefox MOD APK is that the latter offers more features and functionalities not included in the original version.

Aside from other features, the Firefox MOD APK has ad-blocking capabilities, programmable themes, and support for add-ons and extensions. The upgraded version also has better privacy and security, making browsing safer.

Features of Firefox MOD APK

Fast & Smooth Browsing

The Firefox MOD APK provides a quick and efficient surfing experience with its powerful web rendering engine and optimized code. This results in web pages loading swiftly and lag-free use of your favorite websites and web-based applications.

Smooth Browsing

Whether watching movies or surfing through social media, Firefox MOD APK ensures that your browsing is smooth and entertaining.


Are ads and intrusive pop-ups when browsing getting you down? A built-in ad-blocker in the Firefox MOD APK prevents all advertisements, banners, and pop-ups from providing a smooth and ad-free browsing experience.

Ad Blocker

This allows you to concentrate on the stuff that is important to you without being distracted by intrusive advertisements. Additionally, the ad-blocker speeds up page loads consumes less data, and safeguards your privacy by stopping tracking code from running.

Customizable Themes

You have various options when customizing your browser’s theme with Firefox MOD APK. A range of colors, backgrounds, and styles are available to suit your personality and preferences.

Customizable Themes

Firefox MOD APK provides a theme for everyone, whether you choose a dark theme for low-light conditions or a bright one that expresses your mood. Using your photos or graphics, you can even design your unique themes.

Security and Privacy

Firefox MOD APK values your security and privacy. It has improved tracking protection and disables cookies and third-party trackers monitoring your online activities.

Security And Privacy

You can therefore browse the internet untracked and untargeted by marketers. Your browsing encounter can be accelerated and made more secure with this feature.

You may also alter the tracking protection settings to block all trackers or only allow specified trackers automatically. Furthermore, Firefox MOD APK uses an encrypted connection that guarantees the privacy and security of your browsing information. You can also use the browser’s private browsing mode to access the web privately on your device.

Sync Across Devices

You can sync your passwords, bookmarks, and browser history across your devices with the Firefox MOD APK. This implies you won’t miss anything if you start browsing on your smartphone and continue on your computer.


This feature will be useful if you use many devices or constantly switch between them. You can be sure that your information is confidential because it is encrypted and secured with a master password.

Extensions and Add-ons

You can add a variety of extensions and add-ons to Firefox MOD APK to improve the surfing experience. You can add the tools you need to improve your web surfing experience, such as password managers and ad blockers.

Add Ons

You can discover anything that suits your demands in the extensive collection of add-ons and extensions available in the Firefox MOD APK. Moreover, you can use the developer tools in the web browser to make your add-ons.

Reader View

The reader view feature in Firefox MOD APK makes it simpler to concentrate on the text by clearing the web page you’re studying of clutter and other diversions.

Reader View

Long articles or blog posts that are challenging to read on small displays would particularly benefit from this. To match your preferences, you can customize the background color, font size, and line spacing in the reader’s view. Additionally, you can save articles for later access and offline reading.

Voice Lookup

You may use voice search with Firefox MOD APK to find what you’re searching for quickly and simply. Firefox will handle the rest of the search process if you tell what you want.

Voice Lookup

This feature is particularly helpful when you’re on the go or need to instantly look for something without typing. People with disabilities or those who support voice commands over a keyboard can benefit greatly from voice search.

Multi-tab Management

You may handle numerous tabs simultaneously using Firefox MOD APK, making browsing between various online pages simple. Additionally, you can group tabs to organize your browsing better.

Multi Tab Management

As a result, you may put all of your tabs connected to social media and business in different groups. Tabs can also be moved to a new group or rearranged by dragging and dropping them. The tab overview function in Firefox MOD APK also makes it simple to find the tab you’re looking for by displaying all your open tabs in one view.

Offline Reading 

By saving web pages for offline reading with Firefox MOD APK, you may easily access your favorite content even when you aren’t connected to the internet. This feature is great.

Firefox will download the page for you to access later if you save the page you want to read offline. On top of that, you can group saved pages into collections for convenience. Also, Firefox MOD APK includes a download manager that lets you download web-based documents and media to view them offline.

Quick Share

Quick Share You may quickly share websites with your friends and family using the quick share feature of Firefox MOD APK. Click the share button and select your preferred sharing platform, like social media or email. The built-in sharing features of Firefox can also be used to distribute content to other mobile applications.

Smart Search

The smart search function in Firefox MOD APK makes finding what you’re looking for simple and quick. Firefox offers relevant webpages, searches, and bookmarks as you write your search term. You can further personalize your search results by selecting a different search engine or entering keywords in Firefox’s search engine preferences.

Tab Queuing

You can put tabs you want to open later in the queue using the tab queuing feature in Firefox MOD APK. This is a fantastic method to maintain order and attention when exploring.

To add a tab to your queue, simply long-press on a link or bookmark and choose “Queue tab.” You can access your tab queue at any moment by tapping the tab queue button on the toolbar.

Password Manager

The built-in password manager of our Firefox MOD APK saves and automatically fills out your login information, making it simple to sign in to your preferred websites and applications.

Password Manager

You can be sure that your data is safe and secure since your passwords are encrypted and secured with a master password. To make secure, one-of-a-kind passwords for each account, you can also utilize Firefox’s password generator.

Private Web Browsing

Firefox MOD APK’s private browsing mode is fantastic when you want to browse the web anonymously. When you activate private browsing mode, Firefox doesn’t save your cookies, history, or temporary files. A new private browsing window can also be opened by tapping the mask symbol on the toolbar.

Page Translation

A built-in page translation tool in our Firefox MOD APK automatically translates websites written in multiple languages. This feature is especially helpful when browsing international websites or reading news articles from different countries. You may also modify your translation options to select which languages you want to translate automatically.

Developer Tools

Several developer tools are included with the Firefox MOD APK that may be used to troubleshoot and improve websites. A debugger is one of these tools, along with a console for testing code and a network monitor for examining page load timings. Even if you are not a developer, these tools can give you useful knowledge about how websites function.

VR Support

Firefox MOD APK supports virtual reality (VR) browsing, which lets you use a VR headset to browse the internet in a 3D environment. Although this feature is still in testing, it looks at how browsing may develop and the potential for immersive web experiences.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many keyboard shortcuts in Firefox MOD APK can speed up your browsing and save you time. You can easily switch between tabs, open new pages, and do other frequent actions using keyboard shortcuts rather than a mouse or touchpad.

Ctrl + T, Ctrl + Tab, and Ctrl + Shift + T are some of the most used keyboard shortcuts for opening and closing tabs. You may also personalize your keyboard shortcuts to suit your tastes, enabling you to design a browsing experience that is catered to your requirements and preferences.

Regular Updates

Firefox MOD APK automatically updates with the most recent security updates and bug fixes is one of its most important benefits. This implies that you won’t need to manually update your browser to make sure it is current with the most recent security procedures.

Using the automatic updates feature may save time, contributing to your online security and privacy. The risk of being exposed to internet attacks is decreased because we update the Firefox MOD APK constantly to guarantee that you have access to the most recent security features and bug patches.

Firefox MOD APK for iOS

Firefox MOD APK is unquestionably something to consider if you use iOS or Mac and are looking for a secure and feature-rich browser. It contains several extra capabilities and the functions you expect from a browser, which might enhance your browsing experience.

The fact that Firefox MOD APK is compatible with iOS devices makes it simple for users of iPhone and iPad to take advantage of the modded version. Additionally, you can download the Firefox MOD APK from our website and take advantage of all its wonderful features if you like using Firefox and want to install the modified version of the application on your iOS or Mac device.

You may be sure that our mod will operate without problems on your device because we thoroughly tested it on iOS and Mac devices. However, we encourage you to contact us for help if you encounter any installation or use problems. We will try our best to address any questions or concerns you may have and are always delighted to assist.

How to Download and Install Firefox MOD APK

Download Firefox MOD APK by following the below-listed steps.

  1. Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your mobile.
  2. Now click the Download button at the top of our web page to download Firefox MOD APK.
  3. Save the apk file in your device’s download folder.
  4. Locate the downloaded APK file and click it.
  5. The installation process will start straight away.
  6. Once installation is done, open the application and enjoy the amazing features offered by our MOD version of Firefox APK.

However, if you are trying to use Firefox MOD APK on your laptop or PC, you will need to install an emulator such as Bluestack on your device.


The fantastic browser Firefox MOD APK has many features that will make browsing more enjoyable. The browser is a great option for Android users because it is quick, slick, and effective. Ads and pop-ups are prevented from appearing by the ad-blocker feature, enabling uninterrupted browsing free from interruptions. With the adjustable themes, you have a variety of ways to tailor the look of your browser to your tastes. To further ensure you can browse anonymously without being followed or targeted by advertisers, the browser prioritizes security and privacy by blocking cookies and third-party trackers. Your passwords, bookmarks, and browser history are accessible across all of your devices thanks to the synchronizing feature, and switching between different pages is simple with the multi-tab management tool. Firefox MOD APK offers an excellent browsing experience thanks to its voice search tool and offline reading features. Overall, if you want a safe, ad-free, and customized browsing experience, Firefox MOD APK is a highly recommended browser.


Will I lose my bookmarks and browsing history if I switch to Firefox MOD APK?

No, if you switch to the Firefox MOD APK, you won’t lose your bookmarks or browsing history. You may continue where you left off because the modified version is made to effortlessly transfer all of your data from the standard Firefox browser.

Can I use Firefox MOD APK to watch streaming videos or movies?

Yes, you can watch movies and stream videos using Firefox MOD APK. The customized version is a fantastic choice for streaming content because it has better performance and faster browsing speeds.

Are there any additional security features available with Firefox MOD APK?

Yes, the Firefox MOD APK has more security features, like ad blocking and better privacy controls. These functions can assist in maintaining your online privacy and data security as you browse the internet.

Is it safe to use Firefox MOD APK?

Yes, using Firefox MOD APK is safe. We thoroughly tested the modified version to make sure it was virus- and malware-free. The upgraded version also has better privacy and security, making browsing more secure.

Can I use Firefox MOD APK on my iOS device?

You can download and install Firefox MOD APK on your iPhone or iPad because it is compatible with iOS devices.

How frequently are updates made to the Firefox MOD APK?

Regular updates ensure that Firefox MOD APK is constantly updated with the most recent security patches and bug fixes. To ensure you always have the most recent version installed on your device, we advise you to keep checking our website.

Can I download files from the internet with Firefox MOD APK?

Yes, you can download files from the internet using Firefox MOD APK. The modded version is a fantastic choice for downloading files while on the road because it supports various file formats and has faster download rates.

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You are now ready to download Firefox MOD APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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