Use hidden vault apps for increased protection if you're having trouble preventing unauthorized access to your important images, videos, and documents. However, many generic applications on the market

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Use hidden vault apps for increased protection if you’re having trouble preventing unauthorized access to your important images, videos, and documents. However, many generic applications on the market only give a minimal level of security and only hide your files rather than offering true vault-like security. Therefore, it could be a good idea to look into better options.

One of the best private vault apps available is LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault. Thanks to this superb solution, Mobile users may finally feel secure when saving important papers and information on their smartphones. Install the app, then set up your vault settings to easily manage and protect your private and sensitive documents.


The LockMyPix original app and the LockMyPix MOD APK offer outstanding functionality for safeguarding your personal files. The original application provides a dependable and well-respected answer. It includes common features. On the other hand, LockMyPix MOD APK is a modified version made by our developers. It might also provide extra benefits like an ad-free experience or unlocked premium features. Users can take advantage of improved features and customization choices not present in the original application.

Features of LockMyPix MOD APK

Premium Unlocked

Use the Premium Unlocked functionality to utilize LockMyPix MOD APK fully. This implies no limitations on using the app’s premium features and features. Use additional tools, customization choices, and enhanced security features that are generally only available to premium users. You can take full advantage of LockMyPix’s features and experience them all with Premium Unlocked, improving your ability to secure your privacy and files.

No Ads

Our LockMyPix MOD APK enables an experience without ads. Use the app without interruptions or distractions brought on by ads. Enjoy smooth navigation and concentrate on safeguarding and accessing your private files without intrusive adverts. Your total usage satisfaction will be higher with this function, which guarantees a clear and uninterrupted user interface.

No Root Required

The simplicity of not requiring root access on your device is a benefit of the LockMyPix MOD APK. This implies that, in contrast to other apps, you can utilize LockMyPix’s full capabilities and advantages without rooting your device. The procedure is streamlined, and a larger range of devices is supported by the app’s smooth installation and use on non-rooted devices.

Ultimate Privacy Protection

You may enjoy unmatched privacy for your priceless images, videos, and documents with the modded version of the LockMyPix APK. This outstanding tool uses cutting-edge encryption and security technologies to protect your files from prying eyes and unlawful access attempts. Never before has protecting your private information been so simple or reliable.

Secure Cloud Backup

Your valuable files do not necessarily need to be lost if you lose your smartphone. A further degree of security is provided by LockMyPix MOD APK’s encrypted cloud backup feature. Even if your device is lost or destroyed, you can be sure that your crucial data is safe by syncing and storing your encrypted files in the cloud. On a new device, effortlessly restore your files to ensure no memories or crucial documents are lost.

Discreet and Seamless User Experience

The user experience with the modified LockMyPix app is intended to be seamless and discrete. This application is cunningly concealed as a secure calculator, remaining undetectable on your device and dispelling any suspicions. It’s simple to access your vault, whether you use your fingerprint for quick and easy entry or a hidden PIN. You can browse your protected files covertly with LockMyPix MOD APK without sacrificing ease of use or security.

Enable SD Card Vaults

You can enable vaults on your SD cards with LockMyPix MOD APK, adding extra security for your files. This function allows you to securely save and access your private images, videos, and documents on your SD card, making the best use of your available storage while preventing unauthorized access and prying eyes.

Built-in Secured Video Player

Your private videos are given extra care with our LockMyPix MOD APK. You can watch your private videos inside the app with the help of the integrated encrypted video player that is part of the app. As a result, you won’t need to rely on outside video players to watch your private video collection; instead, LockMyPix MOD APK’s secure environment will give you a flawless viewing experience.

Misdirect Intruders with Fake Vaults

With the help of the Fake Vaults function in LockMyPix MOD APK, deception becomes your ally. Using this cutting-edge technology, you can develop and use phony vaults to divert and confound intruders trying to gain unauthorized access. The app conceals your real files in a private and safe setting by deftly directing these unwelcome visitors to the fake vault. This feature provides additional security to ensure that your sensitive data is shielded from prying eyes.


Stealth Mode

With the help of the stealth mode feature provided by the modded LockMyPix APK, you may hide the app’s existence on your device. This function makes the app untraceable by making it invisible in your app drawer. This adds an extra degree of secrecy and protection for your important files by ensuring that even if someone is actively looking for the app, they won’t be able to locate it easily.

Secure Cam

The unique Secure Cam feature of LockMyPix MOD APK transforms your device’s camera into a secure and covert capture tool. You can take pictures and videos within the Secure Cam app, guaranteeing they are immediately encrypted and saved safely in your vault. As a result, there is no longer a need for third-party camera apps, lowering the possibility of inadvertent disclosure or unwanted access to your sensitive information.

Hide and Encrypt Your Private Files

You may protect your private files with our modified LockMyPix version by concealing and encrypting them. With this function’s help, you can ensure that your private images, videos, and documents are securely encrypted and hidden from prying eyes. Take comfort in knowing that the app keeps your private information secure and protected from illegal access.

Organize and Customize File Collections

LockMyPix MOD APK will provide you with control over how your files are organized. This application provides practical features to make organizing and customizing your file groups easier. To conveniently organize and find your files whenever needed, create folders, sort your files, and add tags or labels. This function improves your file management experience by letting you maintain organization and easily find the needed stuff.

Full GIF and WebP support

By offering full compatibility with GIF and WebP image formats, LockMyPix MOD APK goes above and beyond simple file support. Take advantage of the app’s seamless viewing and protection of your animated GIFs and WebP photos. Whatever your collection may be—funny memes, engaging animations, or exquisite artwork—LockMyPix MOD APK ensures it is all safe, and only you can access it.

Secure Folder Sharing

LockMyPix MOD APK goes above and beyond simple file encryption by enabling secure folder sharing. You can give trustworthy people access to specific encrypted folders to access certain data while protecting your vault’s general privacy and security. This function is perfect for working together on projects or sharing intimate moments with close friends and family while still keeping control of your sensitive data.

Break-in Notification with Photo

Are you concerned about third parties having access to your app? LockMyPix MOD APK is serious about security, so when someone tries to enter your vault without authorization, it captures a picture of the invader. You will get immediate break-in warnings and visual proof that someone attempted to access your private files. This feature provides additional peace of mind and deterrence.

Panic Switch for Emergency Situations

In emergencies, you might need to hide your files swiftly, and the modded version of LockMyPix APK is aware of this possibility. With just one swipe, you may quickly exit the app or go to a new screen using a feature in the app called Panic Go. This gives you more control and protection by ensuring your private information is kept private even under strain.

LockMyPix MOD APK for iOS

Look no further than LockMyPix MOD APK if you’re an iOS user looking for a top-notch way to safeguard your personal files. While many MOD applications might not work with iOS devices like iPads, iPhones, or MacBooks, LockMyPix MOD APK defies convention and works without a problem on iOS. On your valued iOS smartphone, you can now use LockMyPix’s outstanding features and improved capabilities.

Advanced encryption, file hiding and organizing options, intruder detection, break-in notifications, and other features are available with LockMyPix MOD APK for iOS. Your private images, videos, and documents can be concealed and encrypted confidently, knowing they are protected from prying eyes and unwanted access.

You may personalize your file collections, have a seamless user interface, and gain access to Premium unlocked features with LockMyPix MOD APK for iOS. This modified version meets your privacy demands while effortlessly integrating into your iOS ecosystem, whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

With LockMyPix MOD APK for iOS, you get the ultimate file protection and privacy on your iOS device. Install it immediately and benefit from the security and privacy that comes with knowing that only you can access your confidential files.

How to Download/Install 

Installing LockMyPix MOD APK on your device is very easy. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download the APK file from our website
  2. Allow installation from Unknown Sources in your device’s settings
  3. Locate the downloaded APK file and click on it
  4. The installation will start instantly
  5. Once installation is completed, open the application to explore it

However, if you are trying to use LockMyPix MOD APK for a PC/Laptop, you will need to install an emulator on your device.


For better protection of private data on your mobile devices, try LockMyPix MOD APK. You can utilize all of the premium features of the LockMyPix MOD APK, including additional security options and customization options. With the use of cutting-edge encryption and security techniques, the app guarantees complete privacy protection, providing you the assurance that your personal data is safe. By syncing and storing your encrypted information in the cloud, the secure cloud backup feature offers extra security, safeguarding them even if your device is lost or broken.

With features like stealth mode, a concealed PIN, or fingerprint entry, the user experience with LockMyPix MOD APK is discrete and easy. In addition to iOS devices, LockMyPix MOD APK provides excellent file protection and privacy for Android smartphones. It only takes a few easy steps to complete the installation process.

In conclusion, LockMyPix MOD APK is a reliable app with a ton of features that offers the maximum level of security for your sensitive data. With the help of this application, you can reliably safeguard your private data and maintain total control over your privacy.


Can I trust LockMyPix MOD APK for file protection?

Yes. A trustworthy and reliable application for protecting sensitive files is LockMyPix MOD APK. It provides cutting-edge encryption and security capabilities to keep your pictures, videos, and documents safe from unauthorized access. 

Is LockMyPix MOD APK compatible with iOS devices?

Yes. LockMyPix MOD APK is indeed made to operate without hindrance on iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and even MacBooks. 

Can LockMyPix MOD APK be used without rooting my Android device?

Yes. Your Android device must not be rooted to use LockMyPix MOD APK. The app is easy to download and install without complicated steps. 

Does LockMyPix MOD APK have an ad-free experience?

Yes. With the help of the LockMyPix MOD APK, you may avoid unwanted ads and concentrate on safeguarding and accessing your sensitive files. Your entire experience will be improved by the MOD version’s uninterrupted usage and navigation throughout the app.

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You are now ready to download LockMyPix MOD APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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