Lords Mobile MOD APK

Lords Mobile MOD APK

As you enter the epic world of Lords Mobile, you will find yourself joining hundreds of millions of online gamers worldwide. Explore magical and mythical lands teaming with magnificent creatures, grea

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Name Lords Mobile MOD APK
Publisher IGG.COM
Genre Strategy
Size 74.59 MB
Version v2.121
Update Oct 23, 2023
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Lords Mobile MOD APK is the most famous version in the Lords Mobile MOD APK series of publisher IGG.COM
Mod Version v2.121
Total installs 183245

Whats New

As you enter the epic world of Lords Mobile, you will find yourself joining hundreds of millions of online gamers worldwide. Explore magical and mythical lands teaming with magnificent creatures, great and powerful heroes, and breathtaking castles.

Lords Mobile Mod Apk

Immerse yourself in intense battles between large armies. Take on your opponents in exciting combat showdowns or on the massive battlefield. You can build up your bases and develop your lands through amazing conquest. As you travel, command your troops and overtake the lands.

The game’s original version offers some restricted features, such as you have few heroes or a limited number of resources you can use. You need to spend money to unlock more heroes or get more resources.

But our developers have solved this problem for you. They have modified the game’s original version, which offers unlimited resources, money, and many other features for free.

Features of Lords Mobile MOD APK

Unlocked Heroes

In Lords Mobile MOD APK, you can unlock all of the game’s heroes. This means you don’t have to wait to gather enough gems or coins to purchase them or play through certain levels to unlock them.

Unlimited Heroes

With all of the heroes unlocked, you can test various strategies and pairings to see which works best for you. Access to all heroes can also give you an edge in combat, allowing you to pick the best heroes for each scenario. Unlocking the heroes adds a new thrill and variety to the game.

Unlimited Money

The requirement to grind for resources to advance is one of the most annoying features of mobile games. You have unlimited money in Lords Mobile MOD APK, so you may train your warriors and develop and renovate your buildings without worrying about running out of resources.

With unlimited funds, you could try various methods and ideas without being concerned about the expense. To find the best research path for you, you can try different armies or make several investments in them.

Overall, having infinite money makes the game more convenient and enjoyable, letting you concentrate on the game’s more thrilling features.

Army, troops, heroes

Due to the ongoing disputes and fights, each ruler must ensure their country prospers by providing well-equipped and trained troops and armies. It’s also important to create an appropriate army composition for the jobs at hand, with the appropriate units.


Each unit will have special skills and talents that are useful for particular roles in your forces. Make sure to assemble a powerful composition with appropriate powers for specific tactical objectives.

The game also includes strong heroes to command into combat and challenge your rivals. Each hero will have special abilities and personalities that cause them to behave differently in every battle. You can access various unit configurations depending on your tactical strategies.

Maximum Army Upgrade

You may fully enhance your army using the Lords Mobile MOD APK without wasting time and resources grinding for it. This enables you to build a stronger army and be better prepared to face any obstacles.

Without worrying about weak armies, you may go through the game swiftly and concentrate on creating an empire and expanding your area. Upgrading your army to its maximum potential might also provide you an advantage in combat, making it simpler to drive out your competitors and defend your kingdom.

Server switch

Also, you can always change kingdoms by switching servers if you get tired of your present one in our mod version of Lords Mobile. Create a new empire from scratch while establishing it in a new place.

As you establish yourself as the supreme ruler, rule over the various regions. You may significantly change your in-game experiences with just one tap.

Infinite Food

In Lords Mobile, food is a vital resource because you need it to feed and maintain the health of your army. You don’t have to worry about running out of food or spending time and resources on manufacturing it, thanks to the Lords Mobile MOD APK, which gives you unlimited food.

Unlimited Food

Without worrying about controlling your food supply, you can concentrate on training your army and expanding your empire. You can experiment with different strategies and army compositions if you have unlimited food because you won’t have to worry about the expense or logistics of feeding your troops.

Unlocked 15 VIP Levels

The Lords Mobile VIP system offers players special benefits and incentives, although progressing through the upper VIP tiers can take a while.

Unlocked Levels Mod Apk

You may instantly unlock 15 VIP levels with the Lords Mobile MOD APK, allowing you to get to all the perks of the higher VIP levels without having to spend time or resources mining for them.

As a result, you will get access to special bonuses, boosts, and buffs to help you advance through the game more quickly and win more battles. A feeling of pride and status among other players in the game might be yours once you have unlocked all 15 VIP levels.

Fast Skill Recovery

Each hero in Lords Mobile has a special set of abilities that can be employed in a fight or to help you expand your empire. It can irritate and restrict your ability to use these skills effectively because they can take a while to recover.

You may take advantage of fast skill recovery with the Lords Mobile MOD APK, allowing you to strategically and regularly employ your hero’s powers. This can help you win more battles and quickly advance through the game.

Team up

Moreover, Lords Mobile players can team up with friends and other players online as they play the Alliance mode in addition to the single-player gameplay.

In Lords Mobile, you can select an established alliance or forge your own, then go on your adventures whenever you’re ready. Start preparing for an epic conflict with others by gathering your allies in the kingdom.

15% Increased Attack

A higher assault in battle can be the difference between conquering your enemy and defending your kingdom. You can take advantage of a 15% increase in attack with the Lords Mobile MOD APK, making your soldiers stronger and more combat-efficient.

This can simplify taking over more lands and protecting your kingdom from invading forces. A 15% increase in attack can also increase the game’s excitement and difficulty as conflicts become more strategic and heated.

25% Resource Boost

Resources are necessary for Lords Mobile to build and improve its structures, prepare its warriors, and investigate cutting-edge technology. You can benefit from a 25% increase in resource production with the Lords Mobile MOD APK, which means you’ll have more resources accessible for use.

This can facilitate and speed up developing new technologies, training your troops, and constructing and upgrading your structures. In addition to giving you a significant advantage over other players, a 25% increase in resource output will allow you to advance more quickly and fortify your empire.

No Ads

The intrusive ads that appear every few minutes on the regular version of Lords Mobile are one of its main flaws. These advertisements may be annoying and interfere with your ability to play.

You won’t have to worry about any advertisements using the MOD version. Without interruptions, you may enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, which greatly enhances the fun and immersion of the game.


Because they are concerned about being discovered and banned by the game’s makers, many gamers are reluctant to use MOD versions of mobile games.

Yet, the anti-ban mechanism in the Lords Mobile MOD APK keeps you secure and unnoticed. It is a common choice among players who want to use a MOD version without running the danger of being punished because this feature guarantees that you can use the MOD version of the game without any concern of being banned.

Fast Leveling

You can level up your heroes and kingdom far more quickly than you would be able to in the standard game if you have unlimited gems and money available to you.

This implies that you can go through the game and quickly open up new features. You can explore new game mechanics and learn fresh tactics thanks to the fast leveling feature, which prevents you from being constrained by a shortage of resources or a slow rate of advancement.

For gamers who wish to play the game at their own pace and use all the MOD version’s advantages, the Lords Mobile MOD APK generally provides a more fun and simplified gameplay experience.

Auto-Battle Mode

The Lords Mobile MOD APK is the only version with auto-battle mode. You can configure your army to automatically attack rival bases or defend your tower with this capability.

As a result, you may relax and observe the action without having to supervise your soldiers closely. You can focus on other areas of the game by using the auto-battle option, which can help you save time and reduce combat tension.

No Root Required

Certain mobile game MODs need you to root your smartphone, which can be a difficult and dangerous operation that can potentially destroy the warranty on your device.

But, you may install the Lords Mobile MOD APK on your device without rooting it, making use of it much simpler and safer. You may take advantage of all the MOD version’s advantages without risking your device.

Lords Mobile MOD APK for iOS

You’ll be glad to know that Lords Mobile MOD APK is accessible on iOS if you’re an iOS user and a fan of strategy games. With this hacked edition, you may take advantage of various fun features and advantages that can elevate your gaming experience.

The smooth operation of Lords Mobile MOD APK for iOS on iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks is one of its strongest features. Our MODDED application is made to operate smoothly on all iOS devices, unlike many other MOD applications that do not. As a result, you may play Lords Mobile MOD APK without any problems on an iPhone or an iPad and take advantage of all its fantastic features.

Try uninstalling the original app first if you’re having trouble installing the new one on your iOS device. After you’ve deleted the original application, Lords Mobile MOD APK for iOS will install without a hitch, allowing you to begin playing the game immediately.

With the game’s hacked version, you may take advantage of a variety of fun features, including unlocked heroes, unlimited money, quick skill recovery, 15% more attacks, 25% more resource output, and much more. Thanks to these features, you can advance through the game more quickly and gain a huge advantage over other players.

For fans of strategy games who wish to take advantage of all the outstanding features of the game without any restrictions, Lords Mobile MOD APK for iOS is an excellent choice. So give it a shot right now and feel the rush of creating and protecting your kingdom!

How to Download and Install Lords Mobile MOD APK

Follow the below-listed steps to download and install Lords Mobile MOD APK.

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources” option on your device.
  2. After that, click Download button to download Lords Mobile MOD APK.
  3. Now save the apk file in the download folder of your device.
  4. Find the downloaded APK file and tap on it.
  5. The installation process will start straight away.
  6. Once the installation process is complete, open Lords Mobile App and enjoy the amazing features offered by our MOD version of Lords Mobile APK.

However, if you want to use Lords Mobile MOD APK on your laptop or PC, install an emulator, such as Bluestack, on your device and then install the app. 


In the thrilling and fascinating game Lords Mobile MOD APK, you can travel to mystical and mythical regions home to magnificent creatures, strong heroes, and breathtaking castles. The game is more convenient and fun because of features like unlocked heroes, infinite money, and maximum army upgrades. Further advantages of the Lords Mobile MOD APK include changing servers and playing in a different kingdom, endless food, quick skill recovery, and higher attack percentages.

A fantastic method to meet new people and play the game in a new way is to team up with friends and other gamers online while they play the Alliance mode in addition to the single-player gameplay. You can experiment with various strategies and army compositions thanks to the game’s variety and flexibility, providing a dynamic and exciting gameplay experience.

The Lords Mobile MOD APK is a great game that provides several features and advantages to improve the gaming experience. It’s a fun game because you can access all heroes, have unlimited money, fully develop your army, and quickly regain your skills. It’s the perfect game for those who like playing in fantasy worlds with heroes, monsters, and castles.


Can I play with others not using the game’s modded version?

Yes, you can still play with people not using the game’s modded version. But keep in mind that some of the advantages, such as unlocked heroes and unlimited money, that you enjoy with the modded version might not be accessible to them. You can still have fun playing the game with your friends and competing against them.

Can I update the modded version of the game when a new version is released?

Yes, you can update the modded version of the game when a new version is released. However, be aware that you can lose some of the features present in the mod’s earlier version. Hence, before updating, it’s crucial to review the current version’s features and confirm that it’s compatible with your device.

Are there any limitations or restrictions when using Lords Mobile MOD APK?

No restrictions or limits apply when using Lords Mobile MOD APK. The modded version’s features and advantages are all yours to enjoy without restrictions or constraints.

Is it safe to download and use Lords Mobile MOD APK on my device?

Absolutely! Lords Mobile MOD APK has been thoroughly scanned for viruses and security flaws, making it a safe and secure application. Also, the game’s hacked version is made to run smoothly on your device, providing you with a seamless gaming experience.

Is Lords Mobile MOD APK compatible with all devices?

Most Android and iOS devices are compatible with Lords Mobile MOD APK. However, the device’s hardware and software requirements may affect compatibility. Hence, before downloading and installing the mod, ensure your device is compatible.

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You are now ready to download Lords Mobile MOD APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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